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...Certificates are digital identities and can be seen as the passports or ID cards in the virtual world.




SuisseID - The Electronic Identity Card of Switzerland

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Digital Certificates generally



SSL Client Certificates


Digital certificates confirm the relationship of electronic key pairs to a person, company, institution or system and associate a physical relationship to digital identities. Digital certificates allow the protection of confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data to third parties using the correctness of the electronic key.


SuisseID - The Electronic Identity Card of Switzerland




During the third stage of economic stabilization measures, the Federal Council resolved to accelerate the introduction of the SuisseID. The SuisseID is the first standardized product in Switzerland for a secure electronic identity and can be used by any natural person for secure electronic business transactions with companies and administrations or for business processes between companies. With this the Federal Government wants to encourage more people to perform their business transactions electronically.


SuisseID Token


The SuisseID system will consist three



1. Electronic proof of identity in form of

an advanced certificate


2. Qualified electronic certificate for

legally binding electronic signatures



3. Electronic proof of authority



Using SuisseID, users may securely authenticate at online services as well as sign legally binding documents. When needed, the authorization register will provide the transparency between the participants, (e.g. full authority, affiliations to associations, professional register, etc.).


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Order and Purchase a SuisseID


Beginning with May 2010, every person can obtain a SuisseID in form of a chip card or as a USB stick. The currently admitted certificate issuers for hole Switzerland according to Swiss Signature Law ZertES/ETSI are QuoVadis Trustlink AG, SwissSign AG/Swiss Post , Swisscom and the Federal Office for Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (BIT) .


Digital Certifcates generally


In order to prove the authenticity of certificates, the certificate is digitally signed by a trustworthy organization. As a result, the integrity and authenticity of the certificates can be free of doubts proven.


Certificates are issued according to a carefully examination registration process with full assurance of identifying the customer personally. Customers must visit a selected reference location personally and prove their identity by means such as passport or ID card.


PostCertificates allow secure and probable electronic business workflow applications as well as archiving electronic documents.


The application of Certificates in daily business activities include almost the whole spectrum of today's communication in the Intranet/Internet:


• Authentication for accessing systems using username and password

• Authentication and authorization of users for the access to company networks, Intra- and Internet applications

• eBanking

• eGovernment (move service of the canton Zurich and St. Gallen)

• Signing and encryption of PDF documents

• Signing and encryption of e-mail (e.g. via Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)